The PROEM-AID project

The PROEM-AID project

Over a million people have arrived in Greece since 2015. Refugees flee from war horrors and dreadful armed conflicts. Babies, children and elderly people are especially vulnerable. Migrants arrive and will be still arriving while conflicts last. PROEM-AID is a group of emergency professionals who voluntarily help in Greece.

Equipped with a 6-camera array, the team recorded 360º footage in the refugee camp and, together with additional, regular video content, we present a use case for a novel format of interactive documentaries, letting the user to explore a 360º video and obtain additional information in the form of audiovisual content at their request.

We propose the following format for describing an interactive experience with a 360º video: a main video track plays as a panorama, allowing the user to pan the scene and look at any direction. This track serves as a common thread for additional media that is linked to specific points in the space-time of the main track. In these moments, a marker is displayed in the scene, linking to a follow-up video of what is seen in the main track.

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