A Virtual Museum of the Women in Computer Science (end-of-degree project)

A Virtual Museum of the Women in Computer Science (end-of-degree project)

The end-of-degree project “A Virtual Museum of the Women in Computer Science” (“Museu Virtual de les dones de la història de la informàtica”) was defended by Maria Orell Monserrat with the supervision of Antoni Oliver and Cristina Manresa.

Student Maria Orell immersed in her end-of-degree project

This project presents an interactive web application with an immersive environment which contains an interactive multimedia museum. In this environment, the user may explore several feminine figures that have been important in the development of the field of Computer Science, like Ada Lovelace, Ángela Ruiz Robles, Grace Murray, Joan Elisabeth, Top secret rosies, Margaret Heafield, Radia Perlman, Hedy Lamarr, Evelyn Berezin, Lynn Conway, Frances E. Allen, Mary Kenneth, Jean E. Sammet.

Exhibition of some Women in Computer Science

Besides an exhibition with these computer scientists with a short biography and an audioguide description, a theater can be used to play movies related to each of them.

Video theater

The student analyzed the usability of the system and observed that older users, who did not have prior experience in VR, needed significant more time to perform tasks that required movement. She also observed that after using the system, participants knew more of these figures than before using it.

Time required to perform tasks between two groups of users
Knowledge of these women before and after using the system

The museum can be visited online at https://alumnes-ltim.uib.es/donesinformatiques/ and it can be played with desktop computers and VR gear.