A Virtual Reality application to build computers (end-of-degree project)

A Virtual Reality application to build computers (end-of-degree project)

The end-of-degree project “A Virtual Reality application to build computers” (“Aplicació en realitat virtual de muntatge d’ordinadors”) was defended by Carlos Veny Carmona with the supervision of Antoni Oliver and Antoni Bibiloni.

Student Carlos Veny building a computer with his end-of-degree project

This project presents an interactive web application with an immersive environment that presents the user with some challenges to build a computer that complies with several specifications. The user has to select the adequate components, such as motherboard, CPU, memory, storage, etc, and place them in their appropriate place.

Part selector
Part selector: CPU

Being a Virtual Reality application, a careful design of the interface was crucial: how to grab the components and how to place them in the case (and over other components, such as over the motherboard) was a priority.

The motherboard is installed on one of the slots of the motherboard.
The motherboard is installed and shows its slots in yellow.

To complement the VR application, a web tool was developed to maintain the catalog of computer parts and tasks to be performed.

Part edition dialog.
Task edition dialog.

The application can be visited online at https://alumnes-ltim.uib.es/pcbuilder/ and it can be played with desktop computers and VR gear.