Automatic view tracking in 360º multimedia using xAPI

360-degree video can consume up to six times the bandwidth of a regular video by delivering the entire frames instead of just the current viewport, introducing an additional difficulty to the delivery of this kind of multimedia. Many authors address this challenge by narrowing the delivered viewport using knowledge of where the user is likely […]

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360º Hypervideo: an interactive documentary around the refugee crisis in Greece

We present an interactive 360º documentary around the migratory crisis in Greece. Omnidirectional content is recorded using a 6-camera array and rendered in an equirectangular projection and played later by an HTML5 web application. Interactive hotspots are placed on specific coordinates of the space-time of the production, introducing a connection of the viewer with the […]

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The PROEM-AID project

Over a million people have arrived in Greece since 2015. Refugees flee from war horrors and dreadful armed conflicts. Babies, children and elderly people are especially vulnerable. Migrants arrive and will be still arriving while conflicts last. PROEM-AID is a group of emergency professionals who voluntarily help in Greece. Equipped with a 6-camera array, the […]

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