A Virtual Museum of the Videogames (end-of-degree project)

A Virtual Museum of the Videogames (end-of-degree project)

The end-of-degree project “A Virtual Museum of the Videogames” (“Museu del videojoc en realitat virtual”) was defended by Miguel Angel Garcia Vich with the supervision of Antoni Oliver and Antoni Bibiloni.

Basic information about several consoles is displayed in the application.

This project presents a multi-device and multiplayer online application with an immersive environment containing an interactive video game museum. The user can explore different videogame consoles to learn information about them, view multimedia content or play videogames.

VR controls

Since Virtual Reality gear is supported, a special interface had to be designed using the buttons and sensors available in the controllers.

Two players play the bowling game together.

One of the main objectives of the application was to create an immersive and nostalgic space. This was achieved through the use of immersion with virtual reality, as well as interacting with consoles and old videogames alone or with more people.

Adapted SUS test.

The usability of the system was assessed using an adaptation of the SUS test for VR applications. The results showed that the system was usable.

The application can be visited from here and it can be played with desktop computers and VR gear.