JAUTI 2017 – 6th Iberoamerican Conference

JAUTI 2017 – 6th Iberoamerican Conference

University of Aveiro, Portugal

We present an interactive 360º documentary around the migratory crisis in Greece. Omnidirectional content is recorded using a 6-camera array and rendered in an equirectangular projection and played later by an HTML5 web application. Interactive hotspots are placed on specific coordinates of the space-time of the production, introducing a connection of the viewer with the story by playing additional multimedia content. Usage analytics are recorded and permit us to obtain metrics on the user behavior, like most popular areas or most viewed additional content, and detect possible usability issues.

This is the abstract of the article that we presented on JAUTI 2017 – 6th Iberoamerican Conference, held in Aveiro, Portugal, on October 12 and 13, 2017.

You can find the article in the conference proceedings.

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