AERFAI Awards for Participants in CTVDI2015/jAUTI2015

The CTVDI2015/jAUTI2015 awards are oriented to recognize the best papers presented at conference. The chairman’s of every session make a document with the contributions about every paper presented and a subset of IPC finally decide the winners.

We consider three distinctions:

  1. CTVDI2015/jAUTI2015 Research Best Paper: The best paper with the highest review qualifications and chairman’s appreciations.
  2. CTVDI2015/jAUTI2015 Best Paper for Commercial Application:  The paper with a real practical contribution to easily translate to commercial use.
  3. CTVDI2015/jAUTI2015 Best Paper for young Ph. D. Student:  The paper with a novel contribution from a young Ph. D. Student.

All winner, receive a diploma, and a gift done by AERFAI sponsor association (one year AERFAI registration free & free registration in events organized by AERFAI at 2016).


BEST PAPER FOR YOUNG PH.D. STUDENT: Sensorización avanzada para estudios virtuales de televisión, Roi Méndez, Julián Flores, Enrique Castelló, Rubén Arenas and Sebastián Villarroya
PAPER FOR MOST SUITABLE FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATION (1): Enriching Second-Screen Experiences with Automatic Content Recognition, Jorge Abreu, Pedro Almeida and Telmo Silva
PAPER FOR MOST SUITABLE FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATION (2): Structuring a Testbed for Developing Interactive Application Based on Ginga NCL, Ivan Bernal