VI Interactive Digital TV Congress – IV Iberoamerican Conference on Applications and Usability of Interactive TV

Download the VI CTVDI – IV jAUTI proceedings.

And the VI CTVDI – IV jAUTI post-proceedings, featuring a revised selection of papers.

The LTIM, Multimedia Information Technologies Laboratory, the UGV-IA Graphics and Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Unit, the research group TIM, Multimedia Information Technologies of the Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Balearic Islands, with special participation of the RedAUTI, thematic network on digital interactive TV applications and usability, and the Government of the Balearic Islands, organize the sixth edition of the VI CTVDI, Congress of Interactive Digital TV, which will take place on days 14, 15 and 16 of October, 2015 at Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

The VI Congress of Interactive Digital TV will take place along with jAUTI2015, IV Iberoamerican Conference on Applications and Usability of Interactive TV.


Our goal is to stablish the CTVDI congress as a meeting point between business, research centres and universities at national, european and interantional level, to publish their work, research, new developments and services, and become a common place where new R&D projects are born.

Another important goal is the organization of seminars, with the purpose of provide specific formation in interactive digital TV topics.

Our goal stablishes with the union of the VI CTVDI, the IV jAUTI 2015, the signing of technology transfer agreements between the UIB and the enterprises and the presentation of a new Master in Digital TV.


In this new edition we expect to consolidate the line of research and development of applications and services for interactive digital TV and Smart TV, TV 3.0 applications, OTT services and IPTV, etc.

Content production: research in paradigms of production, focused in the new environment of media and OTT distribution.

Interactive storytelling environments, transmedia and customization of user interfaces (user accessibility and adaptation to special needs).

Interaction techniques (gestures, multisensorial interaction) and second screen. Global accessibility to the digital TV.

Systems, codecs, standards and peripherials to evaluate the new capabilities of the television and online video repositories.

Studies of the media, social studies, economic studies and interactive advertising platforms.

Social networks and TV apps 3.0.


All the accepted submissions will be published in the “conference book/proceedings” with ISBN and DL, edited by UIB publications.

Best papers (33-40%) will be published in Springer CCIS, Communications in Computer and Information Science.


To get more details, please contact with the program chairs:

Toni Bibiloni,
Francisco Perales,

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